How to Grow Mango Trees from Their Leaves by Rooting Them in Bananas.


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How to Grow Mango Trees from Their Leaves by Rooting Them in Bananas.

 It's extraordinary to learn about the process of growing mango trees from their leaves by anchoring them in bananas, especially for those interested in agriculture.

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We all know that the best way to develop mango trees is from their seeds, but today I'm going to show you how to grow them from the leaves using bananas.

1. Pick Disease-Free Mango Leaves: Young mango leaves are free of disease.

2. Prep the mango leaves by cutting them into pieces that are between four and six inches long, with a tiny stem still attached.

3. Cut off sections of banana skin or the stem section of the banana, which should measure between two and three inches. Perforate the banana portion with tiny incisions or holes.

4. Slide each mango leaf's cut end into the slots in the banana portion.

5. Fill containers with well-draining soil and plant the combination of banana and mango leaves.

Bury the banana section by planting the combination of banana and mango in small holes in the ground.

6. Provide a humid atmosphere and liberally water it. To induce humidity, cover with plastic bags or a bottle that has ventilation holes in it.

7. Put in Indirect Sunlight: Choose a bright, indirect sunlight spot for the pots.

8. Keep an eye on it and maintain it by keeping the soil damp but not soggy. Regularly check for new growth.

9. Transplanting: Move to bigger pots or the ground as soon as roots and new growth show up.

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