Some Health Tips By Natural Principles That You Need To Know For Long Life.


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Some Health Tips By Natural Principles That You Need To Know For Long Life.

 Today's article talks about some nineteen natural principles which are good tips about your health that you need to know and follow in your life if only you want to live long in a happy lifestyle as your great fathers and mothers did before leaving you.

Your great fathers and mothers were following some of these natural principles which make them grow long before dying. They were able to get a hundred and twenty years (120yrs) and more before leaving you, and have you asked yourself why? These are some of their secrets that was helping them to leave long with you.

Do you know that;

* Garlic clears the throat when you eat it raw or you add it to your stew, soup and any other food that it can be used to add.

* Garlic is an antibiotic and antiviral plant.

* Washing Hands regularly is a major way of preventing infections.

* Coconut and Groundnut are sexual drive enhancers when you eat them regularly.

* Carrot and Cucumbers are sperm boosters when you eat them regularly.

* Swimming enhances your memory.

* Dancing reduces stress and gives flexibility to all bones and joints in your body.

* Sex is also good but good for married people and don't abuse it.

* Exercise is a life-extending therapy.

* Frequent Talking with Enthusiasm is an anti-aging.

* Masturbating can cause eye defects, and weakness of the penis and reduces your libido by fifty years (50yrs).

* Bean is an anti-cancer which can remove the skin when it gives you trouble after eating.

* Congested Buccal Cavity is potentially hazardous, regularly brush your teeth every morning and night.

* Too Much Eating of Smoke Fish is suicidal because it is double monoxide and could elicit cancerous cells.

* Beef is very dangerous to those above forty years (40yrs...).

* Milk is not ideal for those who experience noise and stomach upset after drinking it. Such indicates milk fermentation in the system.

* Soft Drinks and Juices shouldn't be abused. You can prepare your juice with fresh fruits. Don't accumulate synthetic sugar in your body.

* Make Watermelon your companion as it cleanses your liver and kidney, and also enhances their functions.

* Eat Apples, carrots, Onion and other Vegetables every day to enhance free digestion in your system.

* Cease your breath for at least one minute (1mn) when people cough or sneeze, especially in an enclosure or in public transit.

* Covering your Nose and mouth and sanitizing your hands after washing reduces or prevents Covid-19.

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