Reactions After A Bride Seen Smoking During Her Wedding Ceremony.


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Reactions After A Bride Seen Smoking During Her Wedding Ceremony.

A beautiful bride was seen smoking an e-cigarette before leaving the reception to meet her groom and his family in a video of an Indian wedding that has gone viral on social media.

When seen in the video, the bride appeared anxious while sitting on a bed with her hand covering her face as her friends and family members entered the room and asked to see her.

The bride may be seen hanging out with her crew at the end of the video. Along with her friends, she can be seen smoking an e-cigarette while sporting swag.

People on social media who have seen the charming video have criticized the bride for smoking an electronic cigarette before coming to see her husband.

Some people contend that the bride's decision to smoke an electronic cigarette on her wedding day sends an incorrect message to society and subtly implies that she isn't a good housekeeper.

Check out the video below;

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