Owusu Bempah Will Die From Cancer, Video Stirs Up As Kevin Taylor Becomes A Prophet.


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Owusu Bempah Will Die From Cancer, Video Stirs Up As Kevin Taylor Becomes A Prophet.

 Ghanaian political analyst Kevin Taylor, who is located in the United States, has become a prophet as he predicts that Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah will pass away from cancer in the year 2023.

Taylor published a video of himself making dire predictions of the Ghanaian prophets of doom. Since he too became a prophet of doom, he had nothing better to offer them.

Kevin Taylor claims that he received a spirit-based prophecy that Prophet Owusu Bempah, the founder and head of the Glorious Word and Power Ministries, will pass away from cancer this year. He said that it was a prophecy that God had appointed him to deliver.

Taylor pleaded with his followers to put their faith in his prophecy since he also spoke to God and they have no means of knowing whether or not he is telling the truth.

The spoof video mocks Ghanaian men of God and the 'doom prophecies' they make at the end of the year.

The prophets maintained their practice despite police warnings and made various forecasts of doom, some of which subtly threatened the IGP. The prophet Taylor, however, has some dire predictions for their lives as well!

Check out his video below.

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