Trending Photos Of A Ghanaian TikTok Celebrity Hajia Bintu Causing Confusion Online.


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Trending Photos Of A Ghanaian TikTok Celebrity Hajia Bintu Causing Confusion Online.

 Today's article talks about the Ghanaian celebrity who got her popularity through TikTok professional known as Hajia Bintu.

Popularly Ghanaian celebrity Naomi Asiamah known to people as Hajia Bintu is a TikTok star who is indeed trending now on social media with her new adorable and stunning photos posted by herself on her social media handles.

These photos have caused a lot of confusion and trend that you need to have a look at it. These photos were posted on her on the third of September, twenty - twenty-two (3rd September, 2022) just to update her followers on her new look.

A lot of her followers were confused asking themselves whether it is her or not when they saw these adorable photos for the first time on her social media handles.

This made her followers speechless a lot, asking her in the comment section whether it is her or not. She also let them know that it is her and that the almighty God has blessed her.

She got her popularity from her hard work and twerking videos on her social media handles especially on TikTok all because of her backside which we normally called "Tundra". 

These are the trending photos of Hajia Bintu online;

Let us see your comments now.

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