Joseph Osei-Owusu Is To Recant His Statement And Apologize, According To GUTA.


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Joseph Osei-Owusu Is To Recant His Statement And Apologize, According To GUTA.

 The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei-Owusu, has been urged by the Ghana Union of Businessmen Association (GUTA) to apologize to the organization's members for implying that businessmen exploit Ghanaians and lack a moral basis for raising tax-related concerns.

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In a highly written statement, GUTA called the Bekwai MP conceited, stupid, and disrespectful and reminded the MP that because of the numerous levies the government has imposed, traders are forced to sell goods at exorbitant rates.

In an interview with Oyerepa TV, Mr. Osei-Owusu reportedly stated that GUTA members always talk about taxes hikes, and they are over-exploiting Ghanaians.

"GUTA members are always talking about taxes hikes, yet they are over-exploiting Ghanaians, and I'm saying this without fear." He stated.

GUTA, however, countered by claiming that its members are loyal to their country, trustworthy, and do not take advantage of their clients.

Joseph Osei-Owusu Is To Recant His Statement And Apologize, According To GUTA.

“We have listened to and read the unguarded statements made by no mean a person than the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Ghana and demand an immediate retraction and unqualified apology to GUTA and all members of the business community.

“We condemn in no uncertain term the statements, and the sheer arrogance and complete ignorance exhibited on the genuine inputs GUTA made on those three taxes he mentioned.”

"It could be recalled that in his interview with Kumasi-based Oyerepa TV, he mentioned that GUTA is over-exploiting Ghanaians and has no moral right to complain over tax hikes."

"He went further to accuse members of GUTA of dishonesty, implying that traders are thieves, and also insisted that ripping off Ghanaian consumers. They are always talking about taxes and yet they are over-exploiting Ghanaians and I'm saying this without fear."

Furthermore, GUTA made it clear that they wanted the Deputy Speaker to be aware of the fact that their members work with the government to develop policies that are advantageous to Ghanaians.

Therefore, they emphasized that GUTA had the right to express its concerns over issues at the national level, particularly those linked to the economy.

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament must apologize, according to GUTA
Following that, they said that Mr. Osei-Owusu's claims were "diabolical" and "infantile."

A list of all taxes levied by the government should be made available to the public, they dared the First Deputy Speaker to do, so Ghanaians may decide whether the government or GUTA is the source of the exploitation.

The release, which was signed by GUTA's Secretary-General, Alpha Shaban, demanded an apology from the first deputy speaker of parliament and said that respect is reciprocal, just as action and reaction are the same but opposite.

As a result, the release said, "The unseemly behaviour of this First Deputy Speaker is, unfortunately, dragging the honourable House of Parliament to disrepute, and needs to be called to order."

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