Prophet Kumchacha And Counsellor Lutterodt Dirty Themselves As They Spark New Beef.


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Prophet Kumchacha And Counsellor Lutterodt Dirty Themselves As They Spark New Beef.

 Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has clashed once again with his "meeter" Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, popularly known as Counselor Lutterodt at the best entertainment show on Okay FM as they spark new beef during a discussion on $ex.

According to Prophet Kumchacha during their discussion, he claimed that it's a sin to shout out the name of God during $exual activities. He said those who mentioned the name of God during $exual activities are not serious people because the Bible says don't mention His name in vain.

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He said;

"Jesus is not the person sleeping with you. We don't use God's name in such a disrespectful manner. Jesus has nothing to do with having your orgasm"

Therefore, such people will go to hell for sinning against God.

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However, Counsellor Lutterodt denied his claim during the discussion where he said to Prophet Kumchacha that his teaching is very harmful and an indication that there is something wrong with him.

According to Lutterodt, Kumchacha's teachings are lies and he is harming God's children because God has blessed everyone with $ex and there's no restriction in using His name when one is enjoying $ex with his or her partner.

He said;

"There are no restrictions in using God's name, how can you say that when somebody is enjoying $exual intercourse and mention Jesus or God's name they will go to hell because is a sin against God, what is wrong with you?"

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