SRC Celebrations And Hall Week Suspended At KNUST Over Katanka And Conti Clash.


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SRC Celebrations And Hall Week Suspended At KNUST Over Katanka And Conti Clash.

It was reported that the Management of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has suspended their SRC celebrations and hall week indefinitely over the clash between Katanka and Conti recently.

This violence between the University Hall (Katanka) and the Unity Hall (Conti) on the 18th of August, 2022 at KNUST has destroyed a lot of the school properties which the Management of the school sat down to suspend these two activities of the school to bring up peace in the school.

Now the Management of the school has made increased the security checks of persons and every vehicle entering the school campus very strictly to avoid violence again in the school which will be conducted regularly.

According to reports from some members of the school, some students of University Hall were refused to use the route in front of their school hall by some students of Unity Hall which brought the clash between these two groups at the school. The violence between these two groups started around 55 pm on Thursday which took a very long time for the security of the school to resolve peacefully.

Because most of the school property was destroyed through their clash the school Management has applied their authority to seize SRC Celebrations and Hall Week as one of their punishments for these two groups in the school.

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