What You Need to Know About Kwahu Mountains.


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What You Need to Know About Kwahu Mountains.

This article is not made for promotion of a person or advertisement of any business or products but rather to enlighten you about Kwahu mountains and it significant.

Kwahu is one of the famous areas in Eastern of Ghana which have 75% Twi speakers which we know them in Ghana as the Akan's.

When it comes to places or an areas with beautiful, adorable and nice structure mountains, then I say, Kwahu is the second place to mention in Ghana.

Just have a look at this photo of this mountain and compare to other places or areas you have visited before and judge it to yourself.

This place too served Kwahu people as their tourist site for all Ghanaian's to have a visit when having holiday's or vacations.

Let look at this second photo and let judge the place very carefully.

This mountain also served people of Kwahu as forest area popularly known to people as Green Garden. This place was named Green Garden because there are a lots of trees having green leaves there.

Another photos that demonstrate that, Kwahu mountains served Kwahu people as a place for holidays.

A lots of people always visit this place when having free time especially the foreigners. A lots of people also visit this place during Easter festival. Visited who have visit Kwahu before have confirmed that, indeed Kwahu is one of the better place or an area for Ghanaian's to spend their holiday's.

One thing about Kwahu mountains is, because of it fully green garden all over, it has a very good and cool ventilation all over the town's. We normally called there "Ghana Abrokyer3" because Kwahu township has a very nice and cool environment which everyone wish to stay there.

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