Latest News: Ashaiman Phone Dealer Caught on Camera Doing This in Public Which is Trending Now.


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Latest News: Ashaiman Phone Dealer Caught on Camera Doing This in Public Which is Trending Now.

Photo of Ashaiman Phone Dealer Which is Trending Now.

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Ashaiman is one of the large town in Greater Accra Region of South Ghana and is the capital of Ashaiman Municipal District.

Here brings the story which is trending now on all the social media platforms.

Ashaiman Phone Dealer has been seen in a camera touching the buttocks of a lady who came to buy Tecno Spark 7 in public. This photo started it trend on Facebook where a lots of Ghanaian's were blasting the phone dealer for behaving this way in Ashaiman Market.

It have now trend to other social media platforms e.g, Twitter, Instagram and more where people are talking about this acts showing in the photo as bad manner.

The lady were interviewed and according to her, she came to the guy to bought Tecno Spark 7 from him because she know the guy since 2011, the guy started touching her shoulder and she told him to stop.

The guy tried to hug her when conversation was going on and she told her she don't like what the guy is doing. The guy realized that, the lady has seen him attempting to do something bad in public so he started proposing to lady and she told him she is going to think about it.

As they were having their conversation, she found the phone dealer hand on her buttocks when the phone dealer was closed to her. She pushed him away and left him then she went home because she was angry. She even don't know the one who take them that picture that day and posted it online.

She then apologised to anyone whose the photo hate to forgive her because it was not her intention to do such things in public. 

According to my investigation about this photo, another guy who sell trousers saw the phone dealer when his hand on the buttocks of the lady and he picture them and posted it on his Facebook page.

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