Photos of A Man Found As The Tallest Man in Volta Region of Ghana That is Trending now.


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Photos of A Man Found As The Tallest Man in Volta Region of Ghana That is Trending now.

Photo of a Man Found as the Tallest' Man In Volta Region Which is Trending Now.

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Photo of a man found as the tallest man in Volta region which is trending now on all the social media platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

Volta region is one of the sixteen Ghana's administrative region with Ho designated as its capital town. It is located west of Republic of Togo and to East of Lake Volta. People from this region are normally called "Number 9" because of it independence.

A man by name Charles Sogli who is twenty-two years (22-years) of age have been found as the tallest man in Volta Region. He is eight feet tall and dark in completion.

He believed to be the tallest man in Volta Region with no doubt. Because of his height, he always appealed for customized footwear and working gear to help him to do his job as Metal Fabricator.

Metal Fabricator is someone who is good willing in creation of metal structures which involves cutting, bending and assembling processes.

He always wear customized footwear in work for his job because of his height. According to Sogli, due to his height, he found it so difficult to use commercial vehicles. He said, even commercial vehicles drivers deny him in their services.

According to him, he was very good, quiet and peaceful person in school but he stops school because of footwear. He is now in Volta Region in their capital city which is Ho working there for his living.

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