All You Need to Know About Legislatures in Ghana Parliament as a Ghanaian.


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All You Need to Know About Legislatures in Ghana Parliament as a Ghanaian.

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This article is not made for promotion of a person or any advertisement for business or a products but rather enlighten you on how Legislatures in Ghana functions in Ghana Parliament.

In every country, there are three (3) major organs that run the affairs of the country or state. These organs are ;

* The Legislatures : Who are responsible in carrying out day-to-day legislative functions of law making in the parliament.

* The Executives : Who are responsible in day-to-day formulating and implementation of government policies.

* The judiciary : Who are responsible for day-to-day interpretations of laws and administration of justice in the country or state.

Each of the above organs mentioned is autonomous in composition in structure and functions. However, they work hand-in-hand and they are interdependent in the performance of their various functions.

Let us now consider in detail, the features, structure and limitations of the Legislatures in Ghana Parliament.


The legislatures are the organs of government which is vested with the constitutional powers to make laws for the efficient running of the state. The legislature is composed of the people in government charged with the exclusive responsibility of making, amending and repealing existing laws for the smooth running of the state.

In Ghana the legislative arms of government is called Parliament and in some countries, they are called Congress and other names, e.g, they are called Knesset in Israel. The members of the legislature (legislators) could either be elected or appointed. However, in constitutional monarchies some members of the legislatures may find themselves there through inheritance.


It is an undeniable fact that the functions of the legislature are crucial to the administration of the state. Some of the functions are outlined below.

1. Law making : As the name implies, the most important function of the legislatures are law making in Ghana Parliament. The legislatures makes laws of Ghana to cover all aspects of life (political, economic, religious social, cultural etc.). The laws passed by the legislatures give legal backing to policies and programs implemented by the executive. The legislatures outdoor new laws and make changes coave or amend already existing ones and also withdraw or repeal outmoded laws.

2. Redress of grievances : Members of the legislature receive grievances from their constituents people and present them before the House for deliberations and redress On many occasions sector ministers are summoned to appear before parliament to answer Questions relating to the grievances of the people in Ghana Parliament.

3. Contral public of finance or approval of government's budget : The legislatures has the power to authorize the raising and spending of public funds by the executive. The executives presents the proposals for govemment revenue mobilization and expenditure in Ghana through the budget from legislatives deliberations.

The legislatures could either accept or reject the budgets. The legislatures appropriates funds to the various ministres, departments and agencies and monies approved for a specific purpose cannot be used for another purposes Loans and grants contracted by the executive are also subject to approval of the legislature.

4. Judicial functions or impeachment : Some constitutions mandate the legislatures in Ghana Parliament to act as a count for the purpose of impeaching and trying the president, the vice president and the superior court judges for a breach of conduct or abuse of powers.

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