{About Cedi Music} - Ghana's Top Entertainment Home Or Website For All Kinds Of Trending Music.


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{About Cedi Music} - Ghana's Top Entertainment Home Or Website For All Kinds Of Trending Music.

 Cedi Music is the home of all the Latest MP3 Music and Videos (DJ Mixtapes, Afrobeats, Hip-life, High-life, Reggae and Dancehall, and many other genres) from Ghana, USA, London, Germany, Asia, Nigeria, Jamaica, South Africa, East Africa, and many other countries. Their main aim is to help all artists to projects their talents to the Whole Wide World (WWW).

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Cedi Music was created by one popular blogger from the Eastern Region of Ghana who got his credibility through his hard work in blogging and strategies in music promotion, entertainment showbiz, and many more.

On the 3rd of May, 2023 he decided to create this Cedi Music website to help all artists especially the upcoming ones in terms of music and video promotions or advertisement and many more.

This blogger is always proclaimed by a lot of people especially in the Eastern part of Ghana as the finest and youngest blogger in Ghana known as Dwamena Michael. He is well-known as Ogasty Geeba on all digital platforms especially on Facebook and TikTok.

Cedi Music is a sister website of Ogasty Geeba Entertainment, Ogasty Geeba Techs and Celebrities Ho Konkonsa Gossip, Ghanaian's top celebrities news channels or websites in Ghana that provide the latest news updates about celebrities especially those in Ghana.

E-Mail them at CediMusics@GMail.Com for all kinds of music promotion on our website at an affordable price. You can also contact us at +233 242 021 881 for all kinds of promotions or advertisements.

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